Saturday, September 13, 2014

Who knew Avon was so much fun!

Check out what Avon Rep Kimberly Mihalka in Tucson, AZ has to say about Avon.
"Who knew Avon was so much fun!"
"Office jobs are about stress, clocking in, and hitting numbers. It is overwhelming! Avon is so different. It's actually fun. You're your own boss. You sell products you love and make lifelong friendships doing it."

Kimberly began selling Avon to make extra money for her family and after just six months she was so successful that she realized she could quit her job and become a full time Avon Lady.

Like Kimberly, I started my Avon business  just to make some extra money and do something fun. Little did I know it would become my full time income and the best thing I ever did! I LOVE being an Avon Rep and sharing products with others. But more importantly, I LOVE sharing the Avon opportunity with others. In my previous job I was a corporate trainer, so I use those skills to train my Avon team and help them to be successful!

I would love the share the Avon opportunity with you and show you how joining Avon can be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Click HERE to find out how you can start your own Avon business and join in on the fun!!

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