Are you a new Avon Representative looking for some tips on how to be successful with your Avon business? Did you know there are two ways to make money with Avon and two ways to sell Avon? Check out this video for more info.
There are two ways you can earn money with Avon…Personal Sales and Team Sales
Personal Sales: Earn from your personal sales whether face-to-face or online through eStore. The first step is to try the products for yourself. Start building your Customer list by sharing the brochure and a link to your eStore with everyone you know. As you grow your personal sales, your earnings can grow too when you become a top seller! Avon’s
President’s Recognition Program honors top achievers in sales volume, sales increase, sales leadership, recruiting, mentoring, length of association and more.
Team Sales: When you’re ready, start building your team. It all starts with recruiting. Share your love of Avon by inviting others to join your team. Show your team how to earn through personal and team sales. Inspire your team to share their beautiful story with others. When you’re in Sales Leadership, the earnings and rewards available to you are amazing. As you grow in your Sales Leadership title, your earnings grow! Check out the latest incentive programsto see how you can maximize your earnings and rewards when you grow your team!
There are also two ways you can sell Avon…Face-to-Face and Online
Face-to-Face: Tell everyone you know that you sell Avon.Share your brochures and product samples, when you are at the grocery store, PTA meetings, bank, hair salon, dry cleaners, offices and everywhere else you go! Talk about your favorite Avon products and demonstrate how to use them. Wear the latest fashion, jewelry and fragrance, knowing your products…means selling more products! Talk to customers & potential customers (everyone!) Get to know your Customers – what they love and all their beauty needs…and don’t forget to follow up! And don’t forget to let all of your face-to-face Customers know that your Avon eStore is open 24/7.
Online: Earnings without effort! Earn 20% earnings (25% for President’s Club & above) on all orders that Avon delivers directly to your Customers (Direct Delivery). When added to your face-to-face orders, Direct Delivery sales boost your total order size, which can help you reach a higher earnings level. Your own online eStore is open 24/7 for sales 24/7 – personalize and share it with everyone. #Get social by posting status updates and & videos in the Social Media Center to help promote your business, sell with ease, and share the Avon opportunity! Avon collects payments from your customers,
So you don’t have to.
There are many ways to make money with Avon. All you need to do to sign up and get started!
Go to www.joysbeautybusiness.com to get started today and I will help you every step of the way!