Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Looking for ways to find more customers and increase your orders?

As an Avon representative we’re always looking for more customers. More customers means more orders, which means more money in your pocket! But where do you start?

The first place to start is by making sure you're using your invitation list. This is the list that’s in your Believe booklet that came with your appointment kit. Do you remember it?

It may have been awhile since you looked at this list. Is there someone you have forgotten about? Be sure to list at least 50 people on your invitation list so you'll still have customers to reach out to once your friends and family have already placed orders with you. Also, when completing your list, make a note of anyone that may be interested in earning some extra money. You can share the Avon opportunity with others so they can earn some extra cash and you can earn bonuses.

While using your Invitation list its important to ASK FOR REFERRALS. Have you asked your Mom or your co-workers to share the brochure with others they know? If you asked each of your current customers for 3 referrals you would be amazed at how many more orders you can get.

Think about this. If you currently have 10 customers, and each of them gave your 3 referrals that would give you 30 customers! And if you continue to use this method and ask those 30 customers for 3 referrals that would give you 90 customers! Imagine where that could take your business! 

One thing you might try is to offer an incentive. Tell your current customers if they give you the name, number, and email address of 3 people who may be interested in Avon that you will give them a free gift. You can give them something you already have in stock, like a lip balm, or hand cream, or you could offer them 5% off their next order. People LOVE to get things for FREE!

Remember there are customers all around you wherever you go. The grocery store, big box stores, the gas station, fast food, doctors office, church, school. The key is talking to people! You have to let people know YOU ARE THE AVON LADY!

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