Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Have fun and love what you do!

I am having fun and Love what I am doing in my Avon business!
I want to share my fun with you and invite you to join my Avon team so we can have fun together!

Only $15.00 to join & you can earn your $15.00 back when you join before April 15th and place your first order for products by May 5th.

Earn form your sales in person and from your free personal website. Earn when new members join Avon with you.
Earn prizes and incentives like free trips!

Receive a start up kit with every thing you need to start including 2 free products.

2 free websites one for sales and one for new team members to join your team from any where in the country.

Contact me to sign up in person or click below to sign up online and get started right away!