Thursday, April 23, 2015

Placing your first few Avon orders.

When you are a new Avon representative it can be confusing. There is a lot to learn and you want to make sure you get it right. 

Here are some tips to help your first few orders be successful.

Your first order

  • Announce on Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media sites that you are now selling Avon. Let your friends and family know what goals you are working towards.
  • Use the Daily Care Collection Flyer with all 6 products for only $19.99 to build momentum and collect orders. This Flyer can ONLY be used for your very first Avon order.
  • Order your own personal products (slowly change yourself over to an Avon customer) Shampoo, conditioner,  Deodorant,  Makeup, Bath and Body
  • Order Business tools, Brochures, samples, Demos, and Business Booster Kit
  • Use your Invitation List you created in your Believe book to find your customers for your first order,  Family, Friends, Co-workers
  • Commit to using the Power of 3, Talk to 3 new people every day about Avon
  • Wear your Avon button EVERYWHERE you go

Your second order

  • Ask friends and family for referrals
  • Reach out to co-workers and members of organizations you belong to (example Church, child’s daycare)
  • Continue using the Power of 3 every day
  • Post sales, free shipping deals, product testimonials, and videos of Avon Products on Social Media
  • Continue to slowly convert yourself to becoming an Avon Customer and order items for yourself such as mascara, lipstick, bath and body products, etc.
  • Order brochures and samples even if you do not have any customer orders. Your brochure is your store and you need it to build customers and orders 

Your Third Avon Order

  • Reach out to family, friends, and co-workers again
  • Continue using the Power of 3 daily
  • Reach out to your upline and ask them to take you “tailgating” to find more customers

Other ideas to help you grow your business

  • Toss brochures in your neighborhood so your neighbors know you are the new Avon Lady in town
  • Leave brochures in places such as laundry mat, hair salons
  • Put business cards and/or flyers on community bulletin boards
  • Host a Grand Opening, Holiday, themed or other type of party 
  • Ask customers to host parties for you and offer them a percentage
  • Yard sales (at your house or at a large event)
  • Host a table at Vendor events 
  • Attend events and hand out brochure and samples to others attending
  • Ask a business to allow you to set up a table to hand out brochure and samples

Using these steps will put you on the path to success.  So go out there are get started!

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