Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Have fun being your own boss!

Do you want to be your own boss and have fun doing it?

Then Avon is the perfect fit for you!

We get to be our own boss, work our own hours, work as little or as much as we want, play with makeup, and hang out with friends! What more could you ask for?

Last night we had a sales meeting to get together, review some of our favorite products, share tips and tricks with each other and most of all have fun!

Did you know it's only $25 to get started with Avon? That's right, I said $25!!!!! 
You get brochures, samples, full size products, training, support, AND a free Estore to sell products online to anyone in the US. And if you join my team you get to join in on the awesome fun we have!

So what have you got to loose? Why not give it a try? 
Click HERE to join now!

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