Monday, April 25, 2016

Moms are Awesome! Say Thanks this Mother's Day!

Let's face it. Our Moms are Awesome!

  1. From the day we're born they're there to comfort us. Whether it's to hold us when we cry, celebrate with us, comfort us, or rock us to sleep. They're always there to help!
  2. Moms are there to teach us. They teach us how to walk, talk, and learn. They teach us how to behave, how to be courageous, how to be respectful, and how to be great Moms ourselves.
  3. Moms take care of us when we are sick. They'll make us soup, rub our heads, get us medicine, and rub our backs (even though we'll probably give them our germs and make them sick)

  4. You can always count on Moms to give you goodies. One of the first things Moms say when you see them is "Do you want something to eat?"

  5. Moms sacrifice EVERYTHING for us. They give up their time, their money, their freedom, and sometimes their sanity just so we can have everything we want and need in life.
These are just SOME of the amazing things Moms do! 

So this Mother's Day how are you going to say Thank you?

You could take her out to dinner, give her some flowers, or get her a card. Those are things we seem to do every year. But this year how about something different.

How about some flowers that will last. Flowers that make her think of you every time she smells their sweet fragrance.

Introducing Avon's Give Mom Flowers Set. 
Pamper your Mom with the luscious scent of Pink Daisy & fragran Lemon and fill the air with a bouquet of love! 

The set includes:
Avon Senses Pink Daisy & Lemon Body Spray
Avon Senses Pink Daisy & Lemon Shower Gel
Avon Senses Pink Daisy & Lemon Body Lotion
A 3 wick Bouquet of Love Candle!

This set is valued at $43.99 but we are giving it away at only $19.99!

Just think, every time mom uses one of these great Pink Daisy & Lemon products she'll think of you and remember how much you appreciate her. It's the perfect way to say THANK YOU!

This is an online only sale and it ends soon so hurry and place your order today before they are all sold out!

Click HERE to order and say THANKS MOM!

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