Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's great to be the Avon Lady!

I just LOVE being the Avon Lady!

I get to meet great people, get discounts on great products, help people start their own business and become financially independent, and most of all be a part of the Avon Sisterhood!

Today was a special day! I was able to attend the Avon Presidents Club Gala and be recognized for my achievements with Avon! I love how Avon takes care of its representatives! We received free gifts and awards for our achievements!

I was honored to received the prestigious Spirit of Avon Award.
The Spirit of Avon Award is a very special award. Only one representative per district receives this award each year. It is an award given from the heart. The heart of an Avon manager and the heart of Avon. This award is awarded for a person's incredible spirit that stands out above the rest. Not necessarily because of sales volume or recruiting excellence, but because of an attitude of giving, sharing, and selflessness! It is for someone who gives of themselves continually. They build their own business by professionally and courteously serving their customers. They care about and share with other Representatives, as well as all who have the privilege of crossing their path. They are a friend, teacher, and a blessing. They are the Spirit of Avon.

Wow!! How amazing to receive this award for the 2nd time in my Avon career! Not only did I receive this amazing award, but I also received awards for #1 in the district for Online Sales and #3 in the district for Award Sales Increase! PLUS all kinds of FREE gifts!

I am so thankful that I made the wise decision to join this amazing company almost 7 years ago. Avon has changed my life and changed my outlook on life and I plan on being a part of it for as long as I live!

It's great to be the Avon Lady!

Joy Lehman
Avon Ambassador

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