Friday, May 13, 2016

The bugs are biting! Time for some protection!

Protect yourself from Bug Bites

Ahh Spring and Summer. My favorite time of the year. BUT.... it also means the bugs are biting (not my favorite thing at all).
Don't let the bugs bite!

So whats a person to do? I'm surely not going to avoid being outside! Protect yourself with BUG Guard! 

Not sure which one is best for you? Check out this awesome chart to help you decide.

Products to protect you from bug bites

Personally, I like to keep a few different ones on hand. I love the Towelettes for on the go. Put one of the sealed packages in your pocket and have it ready if you need it. Great for hikes, cook outs, camping, ball games and more.

Planning a day in the sun by the lake or river? Make sure to use the Bug Guard Expedition with SPF25.

Heading for a hike in the woods? Be sure to use Bug Guard with Picaridin to protect yourself from ticks too!

Here is a comparison of our products to one of the other leading brands. As you can see Avon Bug Guard is the better choice!

Ready to order some and fight the bite? 

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