Monday, June 27, 2016

The truth about those pyramid schemes

Here's a great article from the Huffington Post
The article asks the question "Why is there such a rise in these start up businesses?"
And their answer?
"Well here’s the short and simple truth that I have found not only from research and personal experience, but simply living it: this actually works. These so called “schemes” are actually creating opportunities for millions to begin their own businesses from home."

This is why I LOVE Avon!
At Avon the company for women, we provide women (and a few good men) a way for them to supplement their income to they can stop living paycheck to paycheck, and even allowing some dedicated women to quit their day jobs and be their own boss, work their own hours, and make as much money, if not more, than they were making at their 9-5 job.

At Avon, we all have a "why". A reason for why we joined this amazing company.

My why has changed over the 7 years I have been an Avon representative. I started out just wanted to make some extra money and for something rewarding to do. Once I got started, I realized I could take my passion for helping and teaching others and use it to help others achieve success with Avon. Being an Avon Representative is the most rewarding and fun thing I have ever done and I would not give it up for anything.

Ready to give it a try and join the millions of women who are changing the face of business?

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