Sunday, July 31, 2016

Skin So Soft Supreme Nourishment Triple Phase Body Oil

Have you seen our latest addition to the Avon Skin So Soft family of products?

Introducing Skin So Soft Supreme Nourishment Triple Phase Body Oil. Three precious oils layered to nourish, protect, and hydrate your skin.

Our first unique blend of argan, babassu and macadamia oils creates a three layered effect to nourish, protect and hydrate skin. Triple Phase Oil acts like skin's natural oils to lock in moisture for an instant and lasting feeling of touchable and softness that lasts all day long.

  • The Yellow top layer nourishes with essential oils and acts like the skin's natural oils
  • The White middle layer protects the skin by sealing in moisture and keeping skin conditioned
  • The Pink bottom layer hydrates dry skin with is moisture boosting power
  • It's suitable for daily use
  • It contains vitamin E, Aran oil, Babassu oil, Macadamia Nut oil and Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Its hypoallergenic
  • Its dermatologist test
  • It improves skin's texture and makes it appear brighter
  • It smells great! Macadamia and Vanilla scented

Ready to give it a try? Click HERE to order. 

And remember we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Run your Avon business while your on vacation

Did you know you can run your Avon business while your on vacation?

This Monday I am heading out to Las Vegas to spend a week with thousands of other Avon representatives and I can't wait!

But wait? How can I continue to run my Avon business and make money while I'm away?

Follow these simple steps:

Sign up for - Here you can schedule your social media posts so even though your away your social media accounts will still be posting specials and great deals.

Schedule your Facebook posts - Did you know you can click on the little calendar on your Facebook post and choose when you want it to post? Write up a bunch of posts for the week and schedule them to post at different times to be sure you customers continue to hear from you.

Avon automated emails- did you know Avon will send emails automatically to your Avon customers? Just make sure to check the boxes under automated email programs on the personalization tool page and make sure you have all of customers with their email addresses listed in your Avon address book.

Bring your Avon brochures with you! You have a free Estore where customers from anywhere in the US can shop online. Share your brochures with people EVERYWHERE!

Bring your samples with you too. People love samples and it's a great way to get new customers!

Have your own blog on You can schedule your blog posts here too!

There are so many ways to run your Avon business while your vacation! With a little planning and thinking ahead you can come home from vacation to the money you made while you were gone!

Happy vacationing!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Free Shipping and Free Stuff? What could be better!

Free Shipping‬ and Free Stuff‬

What else could be better?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Free shipping Deal!

Don't you just love Free Shipping?

I can't help it. I get so excited when I can get free shipping! Doesn't matter what I am buying, if I can get free shipping I am one happy shopper!

Here's the latest Free Shipping deal for Avon

Saturday, July 23, 2016

50 uses for Avon Bubble Bath

Did you know there are at least 50 uses for Avon Bubble Bath?

1. Zillions of bubbles that leave NO bath tub ring. 
2. Does a beautiful job on washing cars, mobile homes, caravans, trailers and boats. Leaves a protective wax like coating - water marks wash off!
3. Laundry Detergent: Use one cap full on regular loads, 2 cap fulls if washing greasy work clothes. You won't need fabric softener. 
4. Use for hand washing dedicates. 
5. Pre-treatment for Laundry: Use your old spray and wash bottle. Mix 1/2 bubble bath and 1/2 water. Pre-treat stains with a spray. For set in stains, dab on directly, scrub stain with an old toothbrush, then wash. Great for ring around the collar and greasy work clothes. 
6. Use to wash windows. Windshield Washer Solvent: Use when freezing temperatures are not a threat. 1 1/2 cap fulls per gallon. 
7. Use to wash outside of appliances to cut kitchen grease. 
8. Use to wash floors (but not wax floors). 
9. Sink-dish washing Soap: Your dishes will sparkle as well as your coffee pot, glasses and cook-wear 
10. Use to give pets a bath (along with SSS). 
11. Clean mirrors. 
12. Use to shampoo carpets (whole room or a spot). Carpet Cleaning: Add 2 cap fulls to large carpet shampoo machines it will even take out red wine stains. 
13. Use to wash walls and ceilings. 
14. Use bubbles and sponge to shampoo vehicle interiors. 
15. Cleans chandeliers and light fixtures. 
16. Cleans china 
17. Dissolve 1/2 a cap full in water to wash your plant leaves, they will shine. Then pour into soil as a fertilizer. 
18. Upholstery stains come out by rubbing with a damp cloth dipped in full strength bubble bath. Do not wet the sponge with water. Water may leave a stain, the bubble bath won't. Upholstery Cleaner: Use 1 cap full for a 24 oz spray bottle filled with water. Scrub with brush against nap. Let dry. Vacuum and allow it to dry.
19. Clean your jewelry - even costume jewelry. 
20. Splatter grease, oil or butter on a good blouse? Put straight bubble bath on the spot, let sit a few minutes and wash. No spots! 
21. Wash Venetian blinds. 
22. Wash paneling - no rinsing, no streaks. 
23. Clean your eye glasses. 
24. Put some bubble bath and a bit of water in your potpourri burner.
25. Clean your painted or real wood cupboards. 
26. Refill for liquid soap, mild on hands (add a touch of Skin So Soft Bath Oil). 
27. Hair Shampoo.
28, Inside and outside the refrigerator - easy to wipe off and gets rid of odors. 
29. Polishes all chrome household fixtures - because it's alkali it won't mark.
30. Cleans bathroom vanity and ceramic tiles - No water marks. Kitchen/Bathroom floor: Add 1 cap full to 2 gallons of water to mop floors. Add 1/2 cap fulls extra for very soiled floors.
31. Toilet Bowl and Tanks: Add a cap full to tank occasionally to help reduce build up.
32. Cleans combs and brushes - leaves no residue. 
33. Add to the children's wading pool makes for great summer fun and keeps the pool and the kids clean too!! 
34. Use in the garage to test tires or gas lines for leaks. 
35. Add to cleaning water for aluminum or vinyl siding, - repels dust.
36. After you've washed stuffed toys with this stuff, you'll hesitate to use anything else. Dry the toy inside a pillow case that has been knotted closed, and the toy comes out as close to new-looking as it will ever get.
37. Add baking soda to the bubble bath making a paste to create a slightly abrasive heavy duty cleaner. 
38. Mop floors-cuts through many shoe marks (mix one cap full with ½ sink of warm water). 
39. Remove wax build up-use straight from bottle with scouring pad, wipe with dry towel. 
40. Leaves fresh clean smell, from room to room different fragrances.
41. Leaves TV screen clean-no streaking-wipe with dry cloth.
42. Wash and clean cabinets in any room of home.
43. To get rid of snails -- equal parts of water & bubble bath -- spray on flowers – spray ONLY AROUND SOIL in edible garden areas.
44. Great for lawns. Fill plastic container with water and 1 or 2 ribs of Avon bubble bath then attach to garden hose and water lawn.
45. Excellent to water your flowers etc in the garden. Use the same as for your grass above.
46. Can be used as a baby shampoo.
47. Use as a bath or shower gel.
48. Use as face cleaner.
49. Mildew Remover: 1 cap full to 24 oz. water. Cleans boat seats, bathtubs, showers, wall, etc.
50. Now that you're all finished cleaning, here's the best news: You can even use it to take a nice, relaxing bubble bath! (Helps cut down on the tub ring too.)

Let Avon's Bubble Bath do it all!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Flash Sale

Friday Flash Sale!

Looking to save 30% on great items? Check out our awesome Flash Sale!

Here are just a few of the great items you can get!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Have you heard of this new thing called Pokemon Go?

Have you heard of this new thing called Pokemon Go?

It's the latest craze. People of all ages are going nuts of over going out and catching Pokemon on their phone.

I guess its all in good fun but I have a better idea!

Instead of going out looking for Pokemon, why not go out and look for customers and make some MONEY!!

You can start your own Avon business today for only $15 and then go out and talk to real people and hand out brochures. Share the great products Avon has and make some real money! You can earn up to 50% commission. 

With the back to school shopping and the holidays coming before you know it now is the time to get started!

Time for Back to School Shopping!

Back to school Shoppping!

Yes I know its only July 20th. But did you know some kids will be heading back to school in just a few weeks?  Time to get some serious back to school shopping done. Here are some awesome products to help you get that shopping done without the hassle of heading to the stores! 

Disney® Frozen Light-Up Backpack

Elsa from Disney's Frozen adorns the front of this packpack. LED lights in the lining of the front light up to make Elsa's dress sparkle.
FEATURES• Adjustable shoulder straps that are purple
• Top handle that is purple
• Bag is a combination of blues, purples and pinks
• There is a white mesh slip pocket on each side
• Two zipper pockets, one for main compartment and one at the front
• Elsa's sparkly dress lights up
• "Magnificent Power!" is written at the top
• Elsa is holding one hand out in front of her
• 16" x 12"
• Ages 6 and up

Spiderman and a group of other Marvel characters adorn the front of this 3-piece backpack set.

FEATURES• Includes a backpack, lunch bag, and pencil case
• Backpack: 16" x 12"/Lunch bag: 7 1/2" x 9 1/2"/Pencil case: 8" x 3"
• Ages 6 and up

Disney® Lion Guard 3-Piece Backpack Set $24.99

Kion from Disney's Lion Guard adorns the front of this 3-piece backpack set.

FEATURES• Includes a backpack, lunch bag, and pencil case
• Backpack: 16" x 12"/Lunch bag: 8 1/2" x 9" diam/Pencil case: 8" x 3"
• Ages 6 and up

Disney's Minnie Mouse adorns the front of this 3-piece backpack set.

• Includes a backpack, lunch bag, and pencil case
• Backpack: 16" x 12"/Lunch bag: 8" diam/Pencil case: 8" x 3"
• Ages 6 and up

• Black handle that can be pushed down to store or pulled up to use to pull.
• Blue backback with green handle and shoulder straps.
• Bottom of backpack: two legs in front and two wheels in back.
• Picture of the four Ninja Turtles (Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello) on the front with the words "Turtle Power" on front.
• Zipper pocket in front.
• Zipper closure for backpack.

Disney Princess Rolling Backpack $34.99

FEATURES• 16" x 12" x 5"
• Ages 5 and up
• Pink handle that can be pushed down to store or pulled up to use to pull
• Pink backback with pink handle and shoulder straps
• Bottom of backpack: two legs in front and two wheels in back
• Picture of Cinderalla, Ariel, and Bella on front with the words "DREAM" above them
• Zipper pocket in front
• Zipper closure for backpack

• Unisex high top sneakers
• Red shoes with white stitching and white outsole
• Blue functional laces (must be tied)
• Available in sizes 11-13, 1-3
• Half sizes, order one size up
• Run true-to-size
• Only available in Red
• Bottom of the soles skid-resistant

MATERIALS• Cotton upper, polyester lining, PVC outsole

 High-top sneakers that can be worn in two different ways, either with the top rolled down or pulled up
• White outsole and toe; pink upper; blue and teal lining
• Sparkly silver functional laces (must be tied)
• 11-13, 1-3 sizes available
• Half sizes, order one size up
• Runs true-to-size
• Bottoms are skid-resisant
• Available in Pink
MATERIAL• PU (Polyurethane) and TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber)

Save the day! A batman hooded sweatshirt with cape to transform into a super hero in a flash!
FEATURES• A Batman hooded sweatshirt that has a blue cape attached on the back
• The hood has two pointed ears and is black with blue lining
• The sleeves are black while the main body is gray
• Has the Batman signal on the front and the classic yellow/black belt
• No pockets
• Only available in Grey
• Available in 4/5, 6, 7/8
• Run true-to-size

• Disney Princess hooded sweatshirt that has "Dream BIG" written on the front
• In each letter of BIG, there is a princess picture
• Long sleeve
• No pockets
• Available in 4/5, 6/6X, and 7/8
• Run true-to-size

FEATURES• Designed to look like Kion from Disney's Lion Guard
• Hood has lion ears on sides and a mohawk to resemble Kion's mane
• Mesh part with Kion's eyes and nose hangs from hood
• No pockets
• Available in 3T, 4/5, and 6
• Run true-to-size

Tunic top with printed leggings and matching headband
• Top is loose fitting and longer, especially in the back
• Top is pink with multi-colored hearts and short sleeved
• Leggings have a mutli-colored heart print to match the ones on the top with no pockets/zippers
• Headband matches leggings
• Only available in Pink
• Run true-to-size
• Available in sizes 4/5, 6/6X, and 7/8

For more great Back to School items visit my website

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Diabetic and Arthritis Foot Cream

Are you a Diabetic or do you have Arthritis and you need a great foot cream?

Avon's Foot Works Intensive Moisture Foot cream was specially formulated for Diabetics.

It contains 6 different specially chosen and blended moisturizers, including shea butter and sunflower seed oil to soothe dry feet.

It is lightly scented with peppermint oil and is specially formulated to help hydrate and condition rough, dry skin.

It contains super hydrating Sodium Hyaluronate, which has been reported to retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water, which adds even more moisture. 

It contains Sodium PCA which is an important component of the skin's natural moisturizing factor and exhibits oil control and moisturizing ability on the skin at the same time

It has been clinically tested on people with diabetes, is dermatology tested, and podiatrist tested. 

I've had customers tell me their podiatrist told them to find an Avon representative and get this stuff because it works great!

Here are some customer reviews

It keeps feet feeling healthy with this intensive cream that provides penetrating pain relief for sore muscles.

It contains glucosamine & chondroitin to soothe arthritis pain. 

It's formulated with Glucosamine HCL and provides temporary relief from minor arthritis pain.


Here are some customer reviews.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Want to know all about Avon Bug Guard?

Want to know all about Avon Bug Guard?

You came to the right place

Ahh Summer! That wonderful time of the year where the sun stays out longer and we can head outside and do all the things we love to do. But with the great weather comes the bugs. Mosquitoes, no seeums, ticks and more. And then there's those nasty diseases you can catch like Zika Virus or Lyme disease.

So what's a girl to do? Use Avon Bug Guard of course!

Here's some Q&A's about our great Bug Guard products.

Q: Are the Skin So Soft Bug Guard products effective repellents?
A: Yes! Avon is proud to offer families trusted insect repellent protection. For maximum efficacy, we recommend that consumers use our products in accordance with the package instructions.

Q: Some sources I’ve read say a 20% concentration of Picaridin is better than 10%. Is that true?
A: While concentration of the active ingredient is important, it’s not the only consideration. How an insect repellant is formulated with other ingredients can make a big difference. What’s important to understand is that all EPA-approved insect repellents are effective as long as you re-apply them in accordance with the manufacturers use instructions on individual product labels.

Q: Does Skin So Soft Bath Oil work as a repellent?
A: While we know that many consumers have turned to Skin So Soft Bath Oil, the product is actually not intended to repel mosquitoes or sold for that purpose, and is not approved by the EPA as a repellent.

Q: Is Skin So Soft Plus IR3535 Expedition effective?
A: Yes, its effectiveness has been reviewed and approved by the EPA. Skin So Soft Plus IR3535 Expedition is a safe, effective product for consumers who want the convenience of a sunscreen and insect repellent in one.

Ready to check out our great products? 

Head on over to my website to find out more!

Win free Avon!

Win FREE Avon in our Pineapple Trend Sweepstakes!

Summer! The time of the year when our feet and skin take a beating. Sandals, barefoot, walks on the beach, sun, pool time. We deserve a refreshing treat!

Here's your chance to give your feet a refreshing treat with our Pineapple Trend Sweepstakes.

Just head on over to my website, click on the picture, and then enter for your chance to win.

If you win you get the Tropical Pineapple Applique tote, Foot Works Pineapple Chill cooling lotion, Foot Works Pineapple Chill cooling foot spray, Foot Works Pineapple Chill cooling exfoliating foot scrub, and Limoncello Gel Finish 7 in 1 Nail Enamel.

I don't know about you but my feet take a beating during the summer. I LOVE the Pineapple Foot works products. The leave my feet feeling refreshed and smooth and ready to take on another day. 

So while your waiting to see if you win the sweepstakes, why not place a $50 order today and get a 4 piece Foot Works Pineapple Chill Collection for Free! Click HERE to order. 

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