Saturday, July 30, 2016

Run your Avon business while your on vacation

Did you know you can run your Avon business while your on vacation?

This Monday I am heading out to Las Vegas to spend a week with thousands of other Avon representatives and I can't wait!

But wait? How can I continue to run my Avon business and make money while I'm away?

Follow these simple steps:

Sign up for - Here you can schedule your social media posts so even though your away your social media accounts will still be posting specials and great deals.

Schedule your Facebook posts - Did you know you can click on the little calendar on your Facebook post and choose when you want it to post? Write up a bunch of posts for the week and schedule them to post at different times to be sure you customers continue to hear from you.

Avon automated emails- did you know Avon will send emails automatically to your Avon customers? Just make sure to check the boxes under automated email programs on the personalization tool page and make sure you have all of customers with their email addresses listed in your Avon address book.

Bring your Avon brochures with you! You have a free Estore where customers from anywhere in the US can shop online. Share your brochures with people EVERYWHERE!

Bring your samples with you too. People love samples and it's a great way to get new customers!

Have your own blog on You can schedule your blog posts here too!

There are so many ways to run your Avon business while your vacation! With a little planning and thinking ahead you can come home from vacation to the money you made while you were gone!

Happy vacationing!

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