Saturday, August 13, 2016

What I learned in Las Vegas

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a National Convention in Las Vegas. And boy did I learn a lot!

First and foremost I learned that Avon is a Fantastic Company to be a part of! They treat all of their Independent Sales Representatives like queens (and a few kings as well). They CARE about us and recognize us for our accomplishments and the LOVE to show us how we can become financially independent.

The week started out with some great seminars. The first one I attended was about Avon Fundraisers. Did you even know Avon offered fundraising opportunities? We learned how we can help organizations by raising money for them and how we can sell these awesome owls and donate them to wonderful organizations that could use our help, such as the kids cancer ward at the local hospital, the local police and fire stations, Toys for Tots and more! 

Next it was on to learn about Promoting your business in a digital world. We all know that the internet has changed the way everyone shops. We were able to learn ways we can promote our business online and grow not only our online sales, but also our personal sales and add members to our teams.
After grabbing some dinner and of course playing a few slot machines, it was on to our first General Session. Here we learned about new products and new programs being offered by Avon and the many new ways representatives can earn big money with Avon! There was a parade of representatives who were honored on stage in the Grand Arena for their accomplishments. What a great company to recognize those who are achieving success and growing their business! I mean just look at these numbers!

After an awesome session and a few more slot machine games it was off for a recognition dinner with my awesome upline and fellow teammates! We had some awesome food, wine, and conversations.

And so ended day one. I was already filled with excitement and had learned so much and it was only the first day!

The second day started off with another General Session where we learned some more skills on how to grow our business, heard from top sellers, more recognition, and THEN the Great Suze Orman shared her wisdom with us. Did you know her Mom was an Avon lady?

Next it was time for the product expo. I got to see all the latest and greatest items coming out. I could probably post about 100 pictures alone on this but I will keep it simple and keep you in suspense for that! I got a facial, a makeover, a hand massage and TONS of free stuff! Avon really knows how to take good care of us!

And then guess what Avon did next? They gave away a $7000 Black Pearl Necklace and a trip to Tahiti! YES I said gave away!

After a break (and some more slot machines) we had an awesome dinner and THEN our EXCLUSIVE concert from American Authors! Wow I never got to attend such an exclusive event before. It was AWESOME!

After a few more seminars where we learned about beauty, makeup, skincare, and more, it was time for some sightseeing.

And of course some more slot machines

There was so much I learned in Las Vegas! How to grow my business, how Avon helps women (and a few good men) achieve success, how to share my business with others so they can become successful too, how to save money and plan for the future by Suze Orman. But most importantly I learned that Avon loves to recognize us and empower women!

If you would like to join me on this amazing journey of owning my own business and achieving financial freedom with Avon, I would love to have you join my team. Just click HERE to get started!

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