Sunday, January 24, 2016

Protect your skin in the snow!

Did you know you need to protect your skin from UV rays when it snows?

In the winter, snow intensifies sunlight and can reflect up to 80% of its UV rays. This is DOUBLE the exposure you get during the summer at the beach! This is the exact same reason that the snow can make you snow blind!

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, it is more important than ever to protect your skin in the snow, especially when hitting the slopes!

All of our daily moisturizers contain SPF25 to help keep your skin safe! Apply it to your face first, then use a foundation that contains SPF such as our amazing CC Cream with SPF50 and you will be ready to tackle the snow!

Joy Lehman
Avon Independent Sales Rep

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What is it like to be the Avon Lady?

So what is it like to be the Avon Lady?

First, let me start by saying, being the Avon Lady is NOT like it was when your granny sold Avon! Avon has come a long way since then! 

You probably picture something like this:

But in today's world it's more like this:

I started selling Avon almost 7 years ago just to make some extra cash. But what I quickly found out was that joining Avon was about so much more than that. 

Being the Avon Lady is about sharing great products!
It's about joining a company that empowers women!
It's about meeting new friends and helping people!
It's about being a part of a company that supports the fight against breast cancer and domestic violence!
And most of all, it's about having fun, winning prizes and trips, and making $$$.

I LOVE being the Avon lady. Let me tell you about some of my experiences with Avon. 

Right before Christmas a new customer called me. She had found my Avon brochure at the post office. She was SO EXCITED! You see, she has cancer and cannot get out of the house on her own. She wanted to buy something for her husband for Christmas that he did not know about but that is impossible for her since he has to take her anywhere she goes. She does not have a computer so she can't order anything online. BUT when she saw this brochure she knew it was the answer she was looking for. She ordered some men's cologne and a nice men's watch. When I arrived at her house to deliver her the order she was so happy. She said I actually made Christmas possible for her! Talk about a great feeling! 

Another lady called me awhile back wanting to learn more about joining Avon. Her mom was ill and she had to take care of her on a daily basis but was looking for a way to make some money and still have time to take care of her. Her mom actually sold Avon years ago and made the suggestion to her. Both her and her mom were excited to start selling Avon! This gave the two of them something to bond over and focus on while her mom was ill.  Unfortunately, her mom has now passed on, but she is so glad she is still the Avon lady because it makes her think of her mom every day!

These are just some of the amazing things we get to do as the Avon lady! 

Another awesome part of Avon is that you are rewarded for your hard work! Prizes, trips, awards and more! This past year I was able to join over 2000 Avon Ladies in Orlando Florida for an Avon conference and let me tell you it was the most amazing experience of my life. Being able to connect with so many other women (and a few good men) who want to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others ever day was just so inspiring! 

And this year will be even more awesome when 10,000 Avon Ladies take over Las Vegas!

So what is it like to be the Avon Lady? It is the most AMAZING experience you will ever be a part of!

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